Dear Robert and Kim

This letter is to express my appreciation on what I have learned from taking the Rich Dad program. Through the few months we had to make myself learn and understand the real world of real estate investing. I now feel more confident than ever. So confident, that I bought a 7-unit commercial building in Saint John, New Brunswick with a hefty cap rate and excellent CCR. You wouldn't believe the number of people, including the banks, question me about why I'm investing outside my home town. I just say, "You have to understand real estate." It feels good to say that. Just today, I received my first rental payments and everybody is happy (especially me). Already there are people coming to me with a possible deal they might know of. Yes. Coming to me after only buying one building so far.

I have read most of the Rich Dad books and also have the original CASHFLOW® game. Between what I have learned from these materials, the Rich Dad program, and my past failures in real estate investing, my confidence level is at a new high. Even my kids are starting to get the itch. Before, I didn't set a very good example to the family.

Now that I am the owner of a positive cash flow property, I will continue to learn more through the Rich Dad program, keep looking for more deals and put in offers. It will have to be some form of creative financing that I learned in your program. This year I have an ocean-front rental vacation house being built in the Dominican Republic, right next to a Carnival Cruise port. Cash flow rental on this, when complete, will be very lucrative and positive. We are all very excited about this.

Once again Robert, Kim, thank you so much for teaching me how to fish. My whole family is grateful. You guys are really awesome!

— Gary G., Ontario, Canada

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